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Doces Regionais Especialidades - Amélias

4.99€ Without tax: 4.99€

Ala Sabores Take Away - Alda PereiraIngredients: Sugar, butter, eggs, sugarcane honey, cornmeal, cinnamonAllergens: eggs, lactose..


Dôcilha Maria Brasil's Dôcilha (3.52oz)

2.85€ Without tax: 2.85€

Produced and packaged by: Bakery and Pastry Shop Dôcilha Maria de Fátima S. BrasilWhite Shell 3.52ozIngredients: sugar, wheat flour T-65, yeast, eggs, salt, butter and fennel.Cereals containing gluten...


Dôcilha Maria Brasil's Espécie de São Jorge (7.05oz)

3.99€ Without tax: 3.99€

Produced by: Padaria Pastelaria Dôcilha Maria de Fátima S. BrasilIts original design is achieved by cutting tiny dents using a pastry-cutter, to reveal the brownish filling. This is why they are also called "bichos doces" (sweet c..


Gloria Moniz's Queijadas do Vale das Furnas (1.94oz per unit)

4.69€ Without tax: 4.69€

Gloria MonizRecipe of life - Bolos lêvedos Lda (homemade manufacture)Ingredients: milk, eggs, sugar, butter, wheat flour T-65 and coconutApproximate weight: 1.94oz per unit..


Graciosa's Doce Regional (0.88oz)

3.50€ Without tax: 3.50€

Manufactured by Quitéria Maria Narciso Madeiros Arruda12 unitsIngredients: Wheat flour, sugar, eggs, milk, vegetable cream, water and salt.Approximately: 0.88oz..


José Sousa's Queijada da Avó (6 units)

4.13€ Without tax: 3.50€

Regional sweet of Vila Franca do Campo Manufacture of José Manuel Inácio de Sousa 6 units Ingredients: Milk, Flour, Sugar and Eggs..


Maria Brasil's Queijadas de Queijo de São Jorge (7.05oz)

3.48€ Without tax: 3.48€

Produced and packaged by: Pastry Dôcilha Maria de Fátima S. BrasilIngredients: sugar, coconut, eggs, butter, T-65 wheat flour, São Jorge cheese and cereals containing gluten.6 unitsNet Weight: 7.05oz..


Maria Félix's Queijadas da Graciosa (5.99oz)

5.89€ Without tax: 4.99€

Produced by: Maria de Jesus dos Santos Bettencourt FélixRegional sweet of the island of Graciosa - Azores, made with local products and rooted in the most genuine tradition of Azorean sweets. 6 unitsIngredients: milk, sugar, egg..


Maria Ponte's Queijadas da Vila (11.99oz)

3.99€ Without tax: 3.99€

Family pastry of Maria Olívia Peixoto da PonteIngredients: sugar, confectionery sugar, rennet, raw eggs, pasteurized cow's milk, wheat flour and raw cow's milk.6 unitsApproximate weight: 11.99oz..

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