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About us - Our Story

The king of Cheese! - From nature to your table...

It is an obligatory stop for all cheese lovers - The Rei dos Queijos, or 'King of Cheese' in Ponta Delgada, next door of The Graça Market.
On its shelves are 42 different type of cheese, all made in the Azores.

The business, founded by Carlos Bernardo almost 40 years ago, stared of as a small grocer's that stocked a bit of everything. The emergence and growth of supermarkets forced a rethink and the decision was taken to focus on cheese as the main product. Now, as well as cheeses from the Azores, the shop sells biscuits, jams, pastries, wines, liquers, tinned goods and 'pimenta da terra', hot sauce, in a judicious selection of the best the region had to offer.

One recent innocation is the store's own brand of cheese - called of course, Rei dos Queijos - in versions cured between seven and eighteen months, and made with pasteurised milk from 'Lactaçores', the Azores dairy cooperative. Work has also started on producing cheese that is cured for 24 months.

The purchase of vacuum sealer machine willmake possible another new line: pre-prepared cheese boards - all helping ensure that cheese remain king of the customer's table...

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Nº1 Jan-Mar 2019